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This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

late night Naruto

or i should say early morning. regardless this is one of my favorite comics. still read it. amazing story, sure it has its rough spots but considering the same the dude has been writing and drawing this comic for 15 or so years it's forgivable. plus the latest chapters have been extremely well done, harkens back to the pre time jump era.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Naruto Mania!!!

So I had the advantage this week of actually just finishing up these sketches for my own blog. Hi-Five Phil! Thwack! Thanks for making these line up perfectly, haha.

Slackin' Shikamaru

Naruto was one of those series for me that started off really fun and entertaining, but in the quest to drag out the story, the series became uninteresting for me. That aside though, Shikamaru was one of my favorite characters from the series. A full time slacker and underachiever. That and his shadow powers were pretty fun, so I drew him catching a nap instead of doing any actual work.

DC 52 Nightwing

A little late, but here's my nightwing. I've always loved his old costume with the blue and black. This one isn't terribly different, he has the little forearm spike/fins whatever. So just a pencil sketch doesnt do the costume much justice. I'll try to get around to inking this up and throw some red on it to really accent the new look.

Sakura, I guess

So, yeah, big shocker, I haven't watched Naruto. No biggie, though, I just went and found some pics, liked this girl the best (gave me a chance to play with some folds), and had fun.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


So a couple of months back I was hired by Slave Labor to do a project called Scarlet Thunder, the concept behind this was essentially the super humans in WW2, the big power that the two main guys had was speed, sadly the project fell through, but needless to say I not only drew about 20 some odd pages of poses finding which ones were most dynamic for guys running fast but also developed a real love for it. I really like the new flash uniform and the way it comes out the ring, I probably could have pushed that concept a little further but I think it works ok here.

Sgt. Red Hood's Lonely Hearts

Wow, that could be in a book called "Titles That Don't Make Sense."

This is Arsenal. He's a righteous dude. What is it about archers that we love so much? Green Arrow, Legolas, that one guy from King Arthur, Robin Hood. They are the bee's knees. It was difficult to find good reference on the tattoos, so I just focused on his outfit and likeness. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mononoke Hime

Miyazaki week catch up.


I was going to say something clever here

But I've forgotten what it was.  So in the meantime, have a drawing of superboy.  He's a robot (apparently), and I might, MIGHT actually read a few of these new comics.  There you go, DC, someone who previously had a passionate hatred for all things superhero may actually pick up and leaf through these new works.  I may even buy the trades if it looks good enough.  

I do like robots though.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Superman Nu52

So yeah I'm super excited for most of the new 52 but my fave hands down will be Grant Morrisson's and Rags Morales' Action Comics #1 I've been saying for years that they should go back to supes roots and this looks like it's going to be it. love it. lol i spent wayyyyyyyyyy too much time on this lol, i've attached some of the sketches.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nu 52 Wonder Woman by David Stoll

Here she is, in all her glory. I really liked the costume look with the pants. Not that I'm enraged about the change back to briefs, but I just chose to go with this look for her.

Con Prints by David Stoll

Hey guys, so I meant to put these up in the 'whatever you're doing' section. They're late, but worth taking a look at. Here are a couple of prints I did up for Baltimore Comic Con!

They did pretty well. Earned back at least twice the printing costs, so I'll count it as a win.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Some ladies of the new 52

For the new 52, there was a lot of different possibilities, so I decided to go with my favorite character redesign and that was the new Supergirl. I really like the new outfit, the artist, and my only compliant is the weird little seams on the costume. I hope those get dropped along the way for a more streamlined look. Then, I drew Starfire, because, well, I love the character and the whole hair turning into fire thing. Awesome stuff and two books I'm looking forward to reading soon!

UPDATE: I decided to throw some colors onto this cause it begged for it (and I wanted a break from all the other things I'm doing). Hope you like!

Johna hex

For the DC reboot I chose Johna Hex, I've never drawn this guy but I do love the look of him. I'm pretty damn excited for his number one. This isn't going to be my only picture I do plan on having another one come up later tonight.


Though I'm excited about a lot of titles, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Supergirl turns out.

Mahmud Asrar is an amazing artist and I love the marker-style he's using on the covers. I also love how he's trying to emphasize the teenage-look of Supergirl. That's what I tried to do here.

"Holy DC trinity redesign, Batman!"

Decided to try a drastic redesign and lop off the iconic ears and go with bats more spawn-like and a female more literal robin, and catwoman somewhere in between.

Superman more Jesus/god-like, perhaps a bit older and though you cant see it the idea was he's got a giant diamond style s down his torso and it continues down his right leg and left arm, with an offset cape. batman more batlike with the helmet and semi nightwing inspired outfit and wonder woman with a semi rogue like outfit with a hood. besides ww i was really disappointed with the actual designs.
process was a bit different this time too, gray markers then digital colors. fun to experiment.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Doug TenNapel's Ratfist. A friend told me about Doug's web comic, and I knew I wanted Ratfist to be my "free draw" subject almost as soon as I saw the site. I read the whole thing straight through right then and there, and immediately got to drawing as soon as I was through. It's a great story (I wouldn't expect anything less from TenNapel), and there are plenty of wild card characters.

It occurred to me after I was finished that I should've included Milt the rat, but I really wanted to hurry up and post something because it's been almost two weeks since I've had anything up here. Hope you guys enjoy. And check out the process on my blog.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Magnus The man in a skirt!

Well, I can see why he chose "Robot Fighter" as a subtitle instead.

Vengeance Beam!

free week. got tons of stuff so i'd thought i'd just drop em all lol (not really)
in my dream scenario I'd one day get the chance to do my high-action takes on the classic heroes. would be fun. this is my punisher. lol i have no idea where he keeps that gun. totally nano-tech.

this would be my spidey. based heavily on Kaare Andrews' Mangaverse Spiderman from a few years ago. Chi base powers, so webs and sticking to wall abilities all based on it.

something that never happened :(

at one point in One Piece, Luffy rocked an afro and boxing gloves. best outfit ever, apparently he was summoning the power of the afro in the comic lol.

did this as an example in one the workshops i taught this summer. might be a story. the monkey's the blond kid's stepfather, who got turned to a chimp on one of his cases. hilarity and and adventures ensue.
new cover to my old book. that i'll have some announcements to make about it soon.
a glimpse into Nadia's Loose Tooth the second book i'm illustrating for Heart Head Publishing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Street Fighter! YEAH!

Any way, heres my two favorite character from the series, kinda polar opposites I know.

I wonder If it ever occurred to Sakura that she was wearing that, especially with all the kicks she throws. Maybe she's taken one to many blows to the head.

Also, Akuma is such a badass character, still want to bring him to a finish but for now its sketchy sketchy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beauty and the Wampa

Just something I sketched for fun the other day and did a little color on. How cool would it be if a Jedi girl tamed a Wampa and it became her best friend? Like Big Guy and Rusty!


So once upon a time I used to be a huge weaboo.  Kenshin was one of my favorites.  Then I went back and read Ruroken, and yes, its a bit ridiculous, but its still good.  

I wanted to do something that also incorporated the Japanese ukiyo-e feel, as well as some art nouveau (which, convenienly, incorporated a lot from the ukiyo-e as well).  I'll admit it, I had a lot of fun with this.

You can probably expect more art from me later in the week.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So here's a good place to give PH a glimpse at my current project. I'm drawing and MARK SCHULTZ is co-creating! We are currently hammering out plot, characters, design, etc. via Skype. It's been something I've had brewing in my head for about 4 years now, and I'm excited to get it going, and to have one of the undisputed kings of adventure with me. We have a couple publishers interested (one who basically said they would do it) but I'm really wanting to get the story polished before we decide. So here's a sneak peek. Pencils and inks by me, and colors by the lovely Dan Glasl. Go to my blog, for more.... eventually

Monday, August 15, 2011

Super Hero pinups

here's a few random pieces i hadn't found a theme week for yet.


Alright so this is a double page spread from the book that consumed my life for a good 6 months, it's called Bellringers and is pretty much a straight balls to the wall story. Think of it as a Jason Borune movie meets call of duty, it's a good time. The book is written by Donny Cates who has a few books in the works right now so be on the lookout for this guy. As of right now the book is in the middle of being inked by James Whynot who is another contributor on this blog

James has really been kicking ass on the inks for this book and hopefully we'll have something closer to finished product to show you guys.