This Week's Theme:

This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Which do I choose from?

Man, well, so Im wrapping up a full month of Justice League over on my own blog. I'm sure it's not appropriate that I flood this post with 30 JLA pics, heh. I'll post my top 5, then maybe the big finale piece Im working on now later in the week. I hope thats not too much.

So these JLA characters aren't necessarily the most popular, or even recognizable to some. Still with each of these I felt like I learned something new, even if it was a slight rendering method or a part of the anatomy clicked with me. Doing the blog this last year has really helped me put into practice a lot of the things I learned at SCAD making that anatomical knowledge practical.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Mama's House

So... Blogspot like, TOTALLY messed up my post and um... made me get this in late. Totally Blospot's fault and not Skyrim. Heeeeeeere's Eva/Big Mama from Metal Gear Solid!


UPDATE. Now w text, and process pics up here.
Ok so I know he's more often associated with JLU, but I don't care. I'll find the loosest strings to tie together, that allow me to draw this guy. He's awesome.

Just Us League

Been wanting to do this theme for the better part of a year, now. Excited to do so. The JLA is always these big 5 to me. The best and the brightest of the DC.

Friday, January 27, 2012


I have to admit that Metal Gear Solid was the game that made me go back into video games. I loved the story and the gameplay. The fact that you had to sneak into every level trying to avoid the guards and the taps was fascinating to me. I love the tactical part of it. Anyway this is my homage to that first time I went into Shadow Moses Island to fight Foxhound and Liquid Snake.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hellboy comes home

I've really only seen the first Hellboy movie years back (I also love Mike Mignola's work), but I was glad to try my hand at this--as you can see, I only had a little time to work on this, but it was really fun! Sorry it's a bit late.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Metal Montage!!!

Let me start this post by telling you that I know JACK SQUAT about this game. I know it's probably amazing, and so forth, but still I know nothing. Soooo, as a consequence I had to do actual RESEARCH to make this piece happen. I mean c'mon there's like a zillion versions of this thing. Oh well I think I at least got three characters form the same version? I hope? Anyway, enjoy, -dove ps. there are process pics on the ol blog CLICK.

I Tell You What I'm Going to Give You, Snake(s)

So, there are always certain games that make you realize the system you're playing is worth it. Goldeneye for Nin64. Super Mario Brothers, for old school NES, NBA Jam for Sega Genesis, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Playstation 2, etc. For the original Playstation - it was Metal Gear Solid. So, now, I didn't beat the game. I didn't even own the system. But I played it at every turn I could get.
Tried some new inking and coloring techniques and LOVE the way it turned out. Will be playing around with this a LOT more.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amazing Screw-on Head!

So... um... I am assuming Amazing Screw on Head lives in the same universe as Hellboy, thusly making this post appropriate. B00. Yah.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hand of Doom indeed!

So, this weeks theme was awesome! I love Mignola's Hellboy and all the universe he has created around it. But, I have to say I have fallen into shame here. As I was drawing my Hellboy piece I got so exited after doing the rough for the pose that I immediately started inking it and; I'm ashamed to say; forgot the right hand of doom. I know I can never call me a Hellboy fan ever again.

Anyway I fixed the thing with a little help from Adobe Photoshop and here it is. Oh! and he is fighting Nazi tentacles because... well, because what else can he fight?

My last Hellboy post,...honest

So I love Hellboy. I caught on to it late, and it was like Christmas because I got to go out and buy like 4 trades to catch up, and just slowly savor them. It's got so many elements right up my alley. And on top of all that, the creative teams behind all the spin off books, are like a who's who of some of my favorite artists (Duncan Fegredo! Guy Davis! YES!!). So here's to you Mike Mignola, thanks for having fun while you drew.
ps. as usual, I have posted the process pics here on my blog.
Two versions, first just a scan of the painting, then a doctored version with title.

Monday, January 16, 2012


IT'S MY WEEK TO CHOOSE!!! WOOOOO!!! Not bad for drawn on a plane going on vacation, then drawn under a palm tree, and eventually inked back at my desk, this thing took 1000's of miles to complete! I figured I'd try something new with the color pencil and ink, I'm pretty happy with how it came out and am definitely going to play around with this more in the future.

Right Hand of Doom

Every time I think about Hellboy, I wish I could draw like Mignola. Man is a master. And I just can't be him, which is fine cause we already have Mike. We don't need another. But, man, it'd be great to have his skills.

Did this with my new cool/warm grey marker sets (working on marker commissions for upcoming con season). Love these things and am excited to learn how to do them better.

Abe, honest....

I really like Abe too, and in the movie adaptations they made him pretty cool. But this is comic book Abe. Enjoy. Oh and the process pics are up on my blog, if you want to see how this painting came to life. And the black and white version is for Phil.
for sale here 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Johann Krauss is cool,....

...regardless of how he was portrayed in the second Hellboy movie. So I chose to draw his comic book design. Go check out the process of this painting here.
for sale here

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Earth Is Under New Management

I couldn't not do an Authority piece regardless that I have about 8 million things (and a brand new baby) to do. It's just too awesome.

It took me too many years to read The Authority, but I always loved and respected it for its influence on the industry. This is the book that set the standard. It changed comics into the widescreen, big budget, cinematic comics that we've had for over a good decade.

Plus, it's awesome. My fave Bryan Hitch work cause he was excited about it. And you can see it in his art.
I *wish* I had time to color this. Let me know if you (talented colorist readers) want to!

Monday, January 9, 2012


I was really late coming to the game. I only first read Authority last year, I could finally see what the big hype was. In hindsight it was the obvious precursor to the Ultimates.


My first post at the Periodic Heroes! Thanks again for the invite Phil. So, to be honest I've never read either The Authority nor Planetary but I'm familiar with it thanks to Frank Quitely's work and I've always liked this guy's costume design. Now I understand he's a bio engineered gay Superman but I guess that just mean I have to read the damn book.
Anyway, hope everyone enjoys it and thanks Phil for letting me in such a great group of artists (hope I can keep up).
See ya next week!


UGH Phil! now that we're in year 2 of this shin dig I had the exact same reaction to this subject as I had a year ago when Phil picked Watchmen "That's fun, crap i have to draw it!" happily though while my watchmen piece was garbage I'm glad to report I actually produced something decent this time around. Sadly I've never read the authority, it sits among the endless reading pile I have and I swear I'll get to it at some point. Regardless midnighter is a lot of fun to draw and this is hopefully the beginning of what will be a full year of awesome art. So welcome back to the new and improved periodic heroes 2.0 people and remember TO RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!!

The World Is a Strange Place...

And with those words, we got one of the best comic book series EVER. Warren Ellis brought the collective industry to its knees (in praise) with two series in the late 90s - The Authority and Planetary. He made superstars out of Bryan Hitch and John Cassady.

My Authority piece is forthcoming, but here is my ode to Planetary (ala Fantastic Four #1). One of my favorite comics. It just brims with so many ideas. Each issue fascinates me and contains enough material for another 40 issues. In 27 issues, Warren and John gave us enough energy, ideas, and awesome that would take a lesser creator about 189 issues to come even close. If you haven't read it, you must.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

By the Authority vested in me....

I now pronounce you giant multi-demensioanl vehicle and liquid metal covered wife. You may port the bride..
I always thought the carrier was one of the unsung heroes of this series. Like R2-D2 in Star Wars. Any hoo go to my blog HERE if you want to see the full process of how I created this painting.