This Week's Theme:

This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trying to catch up with my two favorite cyborgs.

Hey all. It's been awhile. I finally decided to start participating again around here instead of being a useless lump, so bear with me. Remember waaaaaay back when, when there was a week about mecha? Yeah I didn't think you would, but any how, heres my entry for it.

It's Motoko Kusanagi with a tachikoma from GITS. I threw in Noa from Sky Doll as well, just for shits and giggles. (I almost drew Alita as well, but there wasn't any room left).

Im gona try to catch up with the rest of the weeks too. (Here's hoping)

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back Evil Phil! Nice looking-mech (and she's not too shabby either).