This Week's Theme:

This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I was going to say something clever here

But I've forgotten what it was.  So in the meantime, have a drawing of superboy.  He's a robot (apparently), and I might, MIGHT actually read a few of these new comics.  There you go, DC, someone who previously had a passionate hatred for all things superhero may actually pick up and leaf through these new works.  I may even buy the trades if it looks good enough.  

I do like robots though.


  1. Nice job! And what do you know, I was in the library today (after some urging from Dove) going "I might actually pick up some Manga soon..."

  2. I'll try to give you some recommendations on ones that won't make you try to kill yourself. One Piece is the best selling manga in the world, and I think it deserves it. Its a bit silly at times, but thats a bit of the point of it. Unfortunately, its also been going for the last . . . 14 years? I like Death Note, though it scares me that some people are so obsessed over it. Trigun and Ruroni Kenshin are considered classics (though I think you'd like trigun better, its an old west type one. Also, its distributed by darkhorse!) Then there's of course Akira and Nausicaa.

  3. awesome. but i don't think he's a robot. still a clone just raised to hunt teenage superhumans.

    and as someone who likes manga and superheroes i gotta say there's only good and bad stories, the genre has nothing to do with it. so hopefully you guys can share some good stuff with each other.

    if i had to make some suggestions, i'd phil should definitely read akira and anything from naoki urasawa. like pluto or 20th century boys.

    heidi- i suggest Nextwave. it's only 2 books, (12 issues) and it's one the best super-books that can be read and enjoyed by any comic fan. suggested it to Mia back in the day and she loved. so did some my other manga only friends.

  4. He's not a robot? I'm kind of disappointed 8<

  5. the artwork for this character has confused me, although I haven't read any of the little blurbs I'm totally on board with the look of this thing, awesome job