This Week's Theme:

This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fortune and Glory UPDATE

Update-Process pics on my blog
Those who know me probably understand my level of fanaticism for the Indiana Jones property. First it was Star Wars,...then Indy, and the films were timed perfectly to RULE my early years. Many an afternoon was spent in the backyard digging up "tombs" and fighting off natives. So I decided to do a piece that focused more on the "treasure". Also, I was thinking of offering a print of this piece if anyone is interested. Oh and I threw in a page of fun fan comic (one of many I've done, can't hurt to dream)


  1. Such a sweet-looking pic. Yeah, you need to print that up for cons and such.

    Also, did you read that Sean Murphy comic he did a few years back where Indiana Jones discovers Han Solo and Chewie? Dude, it was epic!

    1. Thanks Phil. Two questions. Where can I find that Sean Murphy thang? And where do you get prints done?

    2. I do my prints at Officemax. You can get glossy, nice 11x17 color prints for like $1.35 a piece.

      And here are links to the Sean Murphy story (I need to buy the issue!):