This Week's Theme:

This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best Superhero Comic In the Universe

So, if you're not reading Invincible, stop right now, click on the link to the side, and BUY IT. Seriously, I was so surprised what Robert "Walking Dead" Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, and Cory Walker did with such a simple, tired concept as the teenage superhero - because it's amazing! It's funny, scary, crazy, romantic, violent, and all around awesome. Just buy it.


  1. Nice work here Sevy. Your recent style change is slightly reminding me of our friend Cliff Chiang.

  2. Thanks Dove! I will take that lovely comparison any day.

  3. personally I like seeing a blending of the old Phil and the new Phil styles, they go well together