This Week's Theme:

This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Star Trek...or Wars, I can't keep it straight...

I was right next to Phillip watching ST for all of those young years. I believe they would show the original and the Next Generation back to back, if memory serves. But I also will always hold TNG dear. However, I was thoroughly entertained and entranced with J.J.'s new revamp. But was I the only one who noticed the Star Wars similarities? Young kid growing up on a farm with his uncle, hating it and wanting to escape. His hero father died when he was an infant. Friend of his father's finds him and beacons him to go on a hero's journey and to become a hero like his father. Faces off with a villain who has a weapon that can destroy planets...any of this ringing bells?
That's why the caption to my first sketch is, "I think you're looking for another orphaned son of a hero, Mr Obi Wan."

"I can't see nothing in this!" Like I said, I loved TNG, and my favorite character was always Geordi La Forge. Maybe it was because I was already partial to LeVar Burton from his Reading Rainbow days, but who knows. I thought he was the coolest guy. In my first adventure with film making, I played the whitest Geordi la Forge you'd ever see!


  1. Well a lot of Star Wars owes its story to "The Hero's Journey" type story pattern which is older than film. Virtually every superhero is an orphan as well. Can we please see the video of you playing Geordi... PLEASE!

    1. NERD!

      And no, such video (which includes me as Commander Riker) will not be seen.

    2. PLEEEEASE! Do it for Baby Lee Red Bear!

    3. As Phillip and Adam's Mom, I must claim the rights to the video....since, let's face it...I have it! So the real question is... What's it worth to you? :D