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This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Castlevania A Weeks worth part 1...

I'm doing a Castlevania themed week over at my blog this week (funny how these coincide eh?) So here are the first few, I will post the second part in a couple days.

Trevor Belmont, descendant of Simon Belmont. Here he's wielding the chain whip "Vampire Killer" from Castlevania III

Grant, X-Pirate and Trevor Belmont's sidekick in Castlevania III

Death, Dracula's Right hand Man throughout the Castlevania series.


  1. Funny how that happens... ha! Man, these are great. I've actually drawn TWO different Castlevania pieces this week and trashed both of them. They were awful. I need to try again...

  2. Oh Phil. You're too hard on yourself. I saw that first one (I wondered what happened to it) it was cool. Oh and these are great as usual Robert. Oh and Have you committed to inking yourself more? I think I have.

  3. Damn, that death is flippin awesome.

  4. I've always enjoyed inking, and having something look finished. I ink all my covers and commissions, I just dont have time to get the look I want and ink interior pages on projects. Or I should say I havent tried yet. I know I would have to change my style to do that, which would probably not be a bad thing. I just haven't had or made the opportunity to explore it. The blog is giving me a chance to ink more, even if it is microns and the faster approach then I'd like

  5. Simon was a descendant of Trevor. The whip back then was called the "Morning Star". Your artwork is awesome.