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This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Monday, January 23, 2012

I Tell You What I'm Going to Give You, Snake(s)

So, there are always certain games that make you realize the system you're playing is worth it. Goldeneye for Nin64. Super Mario Brothers, for old school NES, NBA Jam for Sega Genesis, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Playstation 2, etc. For the original Playstation - it was Metal Gear Solid. So, now, I didn't beat the game. I didn't even own the system. But I played it at every turn I could get.
Tried some new inking and coloring techniques and LOVE the way it turned out. Will be playing around with this a LOT more.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man! It's become my new fave technique.

  2. Yes Phil....this look feels like it is coming more from "you", and less from what you think you should look like. I think more risk like this from you, will pay off big. Nice piece. -dove

    1. Huh. Cool! Thanks Dove, that's great to hear. I plan on playing around with this a lot more (and it's deceptively simple). I've decided to experiment more with my stuff on the blog this year. Thanks again!

    2. And I'm now doing 5 pages in this style - ha! Thanks a lot... I don't know whether that's sarcasm or genuine appreciation. We'll see how they turn out before I decide which one ;)

  3. Great stuff man! I really like that BG. You have to show me those 5 pages after they are done.
    The colors look great too by the way.