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This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Monday, May 30, 2011

Not the Blue Cat People

I've never seen Avatar. The cartoon or the movie. I can't really watch cartoons anymore (just too old) and I feel like a date-rape victim of M. Night's movies, but I know the cartoon is mega-popular. I sketched the picture out pretty quick and decided I'd try my hand at digital painting. Turns out you need to know how to paint traditionally first. So, I did my best, used some backgrounds and effects, and it turned out okay.

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  1. There is no such thing as "too old" to watch cartoons, silly! They just aren't what they used to be... but Avatar is one of the few that's come out in a long time with such high animation quality and an interesting cast and story to go along with it. Admittedly, it is pretty kiddish for a while, but ultimately it ended up being a fantastic series (unfortunately, not a fantastic movie).