This Week's Theme:

This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In yo face!

Man, I was looking forward to this week. I have so many other things I should be spending my time on, but I couldnt resist. The Leonardo is for this week, I had worked up the Michelangelo at a store signing a year ago. So I worked up the Leo to match the general size and dynamic. Here's hoping I get the excuse to do two more and I can fit it all together.
The colors on Mikey were worked up by Simon Gough. He'll be doing the colors on our upcoming GI Joe ongoing SnakeEyes series.


  1. I second Other Phil's comment. Man, LOVE IT!

    I loved Mikey when I first saw him, but this Leo is so studly. And I'm so stoked that Simon is coloring your new Snake Eyes series - his colors work amazing with your lineart.

  2. I gotta say, I'm really diggin' Leo. He turned out great!

  3. awesome!

    definitely have to step up my game for the next pic.