This Week's Theme:

This Week's Theme: Inhumans

by Jorge Corona

Monday, January 31, 2011


Wednesday was always my favorite. So intense. Her and Mandy would make a great death match for scariest, intense little girl. (that girl from the ring would be no match for em)

The Addams Family! by Emi

I decided to try out an ink wash for this one, and I think it came out ok. It was a fun experiment! I grew up reading Charles Addams cartoons and have always loved them. My favorite part of the Addams family cartoons was the house, and I tried to do it justice here. FYI, stairs are hard.

They're Creepy and They're Kooky

LOVE the Addams Family (and me new tones process which I did here). Probably the first time I've ever drawn these bad boys - but have been a fan since I was a little kid. Decided to draw them like comic book characters. Potential Publishers who probably aren't reading this - I would LOVE to draw and tone an Addams Family comic. hint hint.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daredevil's a Wicked Drummah!!!!

did it during lunch. I think it shows.

Devil Snow

lol possibly the worse title ever. thought it'd be cool to make him skinny like the young daredevil that's popped up in the ultimate books.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ol' Hornhead

When I really started to get into comics was right around the time that Quesada and Palmiotti launched Marvel Knights. Kevin Smith's 8-issue Daredevil run was revelatory to me, at the time. Comics started to be about Story to me with Daredevil. Though he used the same idea that Miller did with Born Again, how was I to know at the time. It was (and still is) a great run. Overwritten, yes, but Joey Q and Kevin Smith's DD is iconic.

Hence the strong influence in my picture.

The man without fear

My daredevil which I'm pretty happy with considering I did it in about 2 1/2 hours

Daredevil, With a Little Elektra Added in for Good Measure by Robert Atkins

Daredevil, with a little Elektra added in for good measure. Finally able to participate. I was too busy with work the last few weeks, and it slipped my mind. Thanks for all the reminders Sevy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last Minute F4

Whew last hour of the last day of the week but here's my pic. I might finish this one up proper one day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Johnny Storm by Phillip Sevy

Of course I'd draw the Human Torch - he's the coolest one to draw. Remember the crappy 1960s cartoon where they replaced him with that stupid robot Kirby or Herbie or something. I guess they were afraid kids would light themselves on fire if they saw the Human Torch. Stupid kids. Always ruining everything... 

Years ago, Dave Finch drew half an issue of Rising Stars (the preview/issue 0, I believe). In the issue was a Human Torch-esque character and I loved how he drew him - only drawing the blacks of his body. So, I tried to imitate that there. Then I had to color it to do some awesome color-holds. 

Quick photoshop job. Works out okay.

What kind of a tagline is "FLAME ON!" anyways?

The Fantastic One, Johnny Storm!

So, the Fantastic Four is probably one of my favorite concepts in comics, where you follow around this family as they have amazing adventures, but at the end of the day, they're about being a family. Definitely a topic that's easy to relate with. Johnny Storm is the sometimes selfish jerk that every family has, and with this costume modification, the Thing doesn't take it too well... Sorta like how Johnny dominates him in video games.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spawn by David Stoll

I remember sleeping over at my cousin's house when I was little and being towered over by shelves filled with statues of Spawn figurines. Thanks, Mr. McFarlane, for some pretty vivid nightmares at an early age. I really wish I had the time to stick some of the classic Spawn line weight into his cloak, or to actually draw some decent chains here, but as it is I'm roughly a week late with this post so this will have to do :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Spawn by Emi Gennis

I never color things in Photoshop, but I figure it's something I should get some practice with. The colors didn't come out the way I wanted them to, but it's alright for a first try, I guess. No real reason I picked turquoise. I suppose I wanted to choose a nonthreatening color.

Spawn about to crack the crackheads by Chris Young

My first time ever thinking about drawing Spawn... come to life! Never was a big Spawn fan, Image comics were too dark and dirty for my tastes then, but I like the design of the character which is token 90s comics, unnecessary chains, spikes, studs, and a really long cape...

Oh Spawn by Rashad Doucet

I used to friggin love this comic as a kid. Just found the first issue going through my old stuff at my parent's house. And what I remember most is how broken up he was over losing Wanda. but since it was a 90's super grim and gritty comic, he never just had a moment to himself. lol

Also did this whole thing digitally between sketchbook pro, manga studio and photoshop. Been trying to find a good digital program to do rough pencils in and lol sketchbook pro seems to be perfect.

Spawn by Drew Zucker

My big goal had been to do some color on this guy but the more I mess around the more Im getting the sense my tablet has just completely begun to crap out on me so sadly it's going to stay black and white for a while until I can fix it. Anyways here is my spawn in all of his rendered glory.

Spawn and The Violator by Jess Smart Smiley

When I was 14 years old, I was really into Spawn. His cape was so cool and Todd McFarlane's choice of red against black was as tough as colors got! I remember loving the clown and how he turned into the Violator and I freaked out when the movie was released.

Anyway, here is a drawing I made for a contest when I was 14 or 15:

Week Two - Spawn by Phillip Sevy

So, first time I've drawn Spawn in about 13 years (at least). Fun times. Instead of going for a heavily-rendered style (which I usually do and Spawn is usually drawn with), I decided to go for a more minimalist approach. Stronger black and what not. I think the effect is pretty cool, all in all.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Watchmen of Duckburg by JJ

Finally had time last night to start on this. Woulda done something in my own style, but I thought this would be funny. No time to color this week so you just get my pencils messy construction lines and all.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nite Owl & The Comedian by Emi Gennis

I think we can all agree that the Comedian would be way more fun to have a drink with than Nite Owl. I mean, he's kind of a downer.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Nite Owl by Jess Smart Smiley

Darn. I was hoping to start with something earth-shattering, but all I came up with is this doodle of Nite Owl:

The Comedian by Drew Zucker

I went with the movie version of the comedian, despite some complaining I really enjoyed this version of the character, especially during the watchmen meeting.

Silk Spectre by Rashad Doucet

Went for a more action-y pose cause Watchmen's not really known for it. Also liked the movie version of her costume, seemed like it would work better in a real world fight instead of that see through blouse thing she wore in the comic.

Watchmen by Phillip Sevy

Okay, let's start this party with some classic characters. This week's posts are all from the Graphic Novel Watchmen. I went a bit overboard on this and did full colors. I'll throw the B&W version up too cause that's more of what I'll be doing.

There's not enough ink or paper in the world to contain Alan Moore's crazy hair and beard.

Okay, so not as to incite Alex Ross to riotous levels of fanboyism, I should have drawn Dave Gibbons' head too - but I only had SO much time and space.